Scientific Program

7:00 am – 5:00 pm

7:00 – 7:30 am
Breakfast with Exhibitors

7:30 – 7:45 am
Helen M. Holtby MBBS, FRCP(C) CCAS President

Outline of Educational Program
Wanda C. Miller-Hance, MD

Session I: Basic Science & Practical Application

Moderator: Gregory B. Hammer, MD

7:45 – 8:25am
Creation of a New Heart: Science or Fiction?
Doris A. Taylor, PhD

8:25 – 9:05 am
Heart Failure in Children: Current Management Strategies
Peter C. Laussen, MBBS

9:05 – 9:15 am
Questions and Discussion

9:15 – 9:45 am Coffee Break with Exhibitors

Session II: Practical Aspects of Cardiac Anesthesia Practice: A Potpourri

Moderator: Suanne M. Daves, MD

9:45 – 10:05 am
Patient with a Berlin Heart Needs Non-Cardiac Surgery: What Should I be Concerned With?
Laura K. Diaz, MD

10:05 – 10:25 am
Dexmedetomidine: What is its Role in the Pediatric Cardiac Patient?
Lawrence I. Schwartz, MD

10:25 – 10:45 am
Young Adult with Failed Fontan Circulation and Symptomatic Tachycardia: What is Your Next Move?
Jane Heggie, MD

10:45 – 11:00 am Questions and Discussion

Session III: Literature: Insightful Picks

Moderator: Dean B. Andropoulos, MD

11:00 – 11:20 am
Andreas W. Loepke, MD

11:20 – 11:40 am
Richard J. Levy, MD

11:40 am – Noon
Alexander J.C. Mittnacht, MD

Noon – 1:00 pm

Session IV: Selected Posters for Oral Presentations

Moderator: Shobha Malviya, MD

1:00 – 1:45 pm
Oral Presentations of Selected Posters

Session V: Clinical Practice

Moderator: Nina A. Guzzetta, MD

1:45 – 3:00 pm
Whose Case is it Anyway?
Panelists: Bruce E. Miller, MD; Nina Deutsch, MD; Luis M. Zabala, MD

3:00 – 3:30 pm
Coffee Break with Exhibitors

Session VI: Focus on a Lesion: Pulmonary Atresia and Intact Ventricular Septum

Moderator: Mark D. Twite, MA MB, BCh

3:30 – 3:55 pm
Anatomy, Physiology, and Diagnostic Imaging
Larry A. Latson, MD

3:55 – 4:20 pm
Surgical Management
Redmond P. Burke, MD

4:20 -4:45 pm
Anesthetic Considerations for Palliative and Definitive Procedures
Kirsten C. Odegard, MD

4:45 – 5:00 pm
Questions and Discussions

Session VII: Posters-Viewing and Discussion (Refreshments Provided)

Moderators: Glyn D. “Jumbo” Williams MB, ChB; Lena S. Sun, MD; Scott G. Walker, MD

5:00 – 6:00 pm
Posters: Viewing and Discussion

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