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From the Editor

It is with some trepidation that I have taken over as the Editor of the CCAS Newsletter. This apprehension is due to two reasons. First, the CCAS has grown rapidly as a society and has established itself as a voice for congenital cardiac anesthesiologists in North America. Second, the first and previous Newsletter Editor, Dr. Courtney Hardy, did such an exceptional job, I have some tough footsteps to follow!

The CCAS was born in 2005, and the first newsletter was in the summer of 2007 with a letter from the first CCAS president, Dr. Dean Andropoulos. There was no CCAS Newsletter Editor until 2010 when Courtney bravely took on the role. Over the past 3 years Courtney has produced six outstanding newsletters. Great newsletters do not just ‘happen’, they take planning, time and energy. Courtney always gave freely of all three and I would like to thank him on behalf of the CCAS for his outstanding work.

Dr. Luis Zabala has now taken on the role of Associate Newsletter Editor. Luis is from Children’s Medical Center of Dallas, and he brings new energy and ideas to the newsletter. I am delighted to work with him to produce the newsletter. Welcome Luis!

The CCAS is now 8 years old and, like 8-year-old children, we love and respect our parents or founders. As a society we have had the good fortune to have a great start in life with our founders also being the ‘giants’ of our field. Fortunately, these founders continue to guide us through our society’s childhood, especially as many changes affect healthcare. Our CCAS president, Dr. Helen Holtby, wrote in her last ‘Message from the President’ in the summer 2013 newsletter, about ‘Uncertainty Theory’. The Message from the President in this edition of the newsletter introduces the increase in CCAS dues for members. As a father of two young children I know, for certain, that they consume both my time and money! However, I can think of no better way for these to be spent and I hope as CCAS members we will feel the same about our society.

In this newsletter, Dr. Randall Clark introduces the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and how it may affect congenital cardiac anesthesiologists. Healthcare in the USA under the ACA appears to have a very uncertain future. One way to address uncertainty is to engage at many levels and determine a certain future for our subspecialty and our patients. We all have the dual responsibility to advance our field of congenital cardiac anesthesiology and provide exceptional care to our patients in a time of uncertainty.

Just when we were all certain that aprotinin was dead forever, Dr. Phil Arnold has provided evidence to the contrary in an excellent article.  It appears that aprotinin has re-appeared in Europe, but it seems unlikely that it will again find widespread use.

The final article by Dr. Wanda Miller-Hance introduces the next CCAS Annual Meeting in March 2014. It is an excellent program and hopefully many of you will be able to make it to Ft. Lauderdale.

As the CCAS continues to grow it really needs the help of its membership. We are still a young organization and every member can help shape the future of this society. Just as an 8-year-old child is full of the excitement of the holiday season your society needs your enthusiasm to continue to grow. The problem with using a childhood analogy is that the uncertain teenage years are not far away, but hopefully by then I will no longer be writing the editorial!

I wish you all a safe and happy holiday season.

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