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1. Perioperative stroke in infants undergoing open heart operations for congenital heart disease.
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00President's MessageHappy New Year. Was 2009 what you thought it would be? Did you live up to those new year's resolutions you made? I wonder what Tiger Woods’ resolution will be?

In 2009  the CCAS  managed to put out  only one newsletter. Fortunately, some problems have solutions. The CCAS board unanimously appointed Courtney Hardy, MD from Children’s Memorial in Chicago to be the Chief Editor of the CCAS newsletter.  Starting January 2010, we will have three newsletters a year; one before the spring SPA/CCAS meeting, another following the meeting with its highlights and a third in the fall. Dr. Hardy has chosen his co-editors, has great ideas for the content of the newsletter and how to improve its value to the members. Stay tuned; this is no electioneering. CCAS is still young at four years of age and like wine and cheese we will get better with time.

The CCAS membership has continued to grow. This fall we recorded 568 members which represents a 35% increase from the previous year. I urge the pediatric anesthesia fellowship directors to offer a joint membership to the SPA and CCAS  to their fellows.  If the trainee sees the value we provide,  its likely they will retain their membership, even if their practice is not solely pediatric or cardiac in nature.  Given that the number of adults with congenital heart disease have overtaken children with heart disease, I see the CCAS playing an important leadership role in helping develop practice guidelines and management protocols for adults whose heart disease is best understood by practioners in the children’s world.

The spring 2010 meeting in San Antonio Texas organized by Drs Emad Mossad and Anshuman Sharma has a great program and cast. I hope many of you will attend.  Thanks to Emad, the CCAS will also host an informal  poster session this year. Since it is a one day meeting, time is at a premium, but we would like to share new and exciting research with a cardiovascular focus.  Dr Alan Tait, who oversees the SPA research section is enthusiastic about the idea. In return the CCAS program directors will assist with  SPA abstract review process.  The CCAS plans to award prizes for the top abstract. Sign up for the CCAS in San Antonio.  The 2011 meeting organizers are Drs Anshuman Sharma and Suanne Davies. 

Thanks again to Dr. David Vener for getting the CCAS database launched. It was his tireless and dogged pursuit of this with the STS that allowed many obstacles to be overcome. January of 2010 is the official launch date. If your surgeons are a part of the STS database then you too should participate. David, you will be inducted into the CCAS hall of fame!!
I look forward to seeing many of you in San Antonio. Remember where the SPA meets it rains, even if it’s the desert. So bring your waterproofs. Thanks for your continued support of the CCAS.