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CCAS Bylaws

(An Illinois Nonprofit Corporation)

Approved by Board of Directors on October 11, 2005
Approved by Board of Directors  – October 15, 2009



There shall be, within the Society, a section on pediatric cardiac anesthesia which shall be known as the Congenital Cardiac Anesthesia Society (“the Section”) in order to promote the subspecialty of cardiac pediatric anesthesia and provide education and training to those members of the Society wishing to increase their knowledge of that area of practice.

Section 9.1. Mission Statement of the Congenital Cardiac Anesthesia Society.
The purpose of the Section is to improve the perioperative care and outcomes, and facilitate technological advances in therapy for newborns, infants, children and adults with congenital heart disease requiring anesthesia.   This shall be accomplished by (1) education, (2) collaboration of members, (3) coordination with other societies having like minded goals and objectives, (4) research, (5) facilitating a multi-institutional database, (6) training guidelines, and (7) advocacy.

Section 9.2.  Administration.  The Section shall be administered as a part of the Society and the Society shall provide to the Section such office space and administrative services as may be determined to be reasonable or necessary from time to time by the Board of Directors of the Society in consultation with the Section Board.  In general, the expenses of the Section shall be expected to be funded through Section dues or other revenues generated by the Section and no liabilities or expenses of the Section in excess of such sums shall be incurred without the prior approval of the Board of Directors of the Society.  The Section Board shall annually prepare a budget reflecting reasonably anticipated dues and other sources of revenues, as well as budgeted expenses, and shall submit such budget to the Board of Directors of the Society for review and approval not less than thirty (30) days prior to the commencement of each fiscal year of the Society.  The Section Board may otherwise adopt policies and procedures applicable to the Section, subject to the advance approval of the Board of Directors of the Society. All funds of the Section shall be deposited into an account which shall be under the supervision of the Treasurer of the Society and all requests for disbursements from such account shall require the approval of the Treasurer of the Society. 

Section 9.3. Members.  In order to be eligible for membership in the Section, a person must first be a member in good standing of the Society.  Any member of the Society may become a member of the Section upon payment of such dues and satisfaction of such criteria as may be determined from time to time by the Section Board, subject to the review and approval by the Board of Directors of the Society.  The classification of a member in the Section shall be the same as the classification of that person’s membership in the Society and the voting rights of a member in the Section shall be the same as that member’s voting rights in the Society. 

Section 9.4. Application for Section Membership.  Any member of the Society desiring membership in the Section shall submit to the Secretary of the Society a membership application in such form and on such terms, including the submission of an initiation fee (if any) and dues, as may be established from time to time.  Any member of the Society, who has filed such an application, paid any required initiation fee and/or dues, and who otherwise meets the criteria for membership in the Section, shall be designated as a member of the Section.

Section 9.5.  Termination, Resignation and Reinstatement of Membership.   Membership in the Section shall be automatically terminated for nonpayment of Section dues and may otherwise be terminated by the Section Board for other reasons by pursuant to procedures identical to those set forth in Section 4.4 of these Bylaws with respect to termination of Society membership.  Any member may resign from the Section by delivery of a written resignation to the Section Secretary, but such resignation shall not relieve the member so resigning from the obligation to pay any unpaid dues, assessments or other charges which accrued on or before the date of such resignation.  Reinstatement m y ensue upon written request signed by the former member and filed with the Secretary of the Section, by the affirmative vote of not less than two-thirds of all members of the Section Board, and upon such terms as the Section Board may deem appropriate, including receipt of any dues, assessment or other charges imposed by the Section Board, including, but not limited to, those previously accrued.

Section 9.6   Officers and Directors.  The Section shall elect, from among its membership, officers and directors of the Section. Except as set forth below and except for the initial officers and directors elected following the formation of the Section, officers and directors shall be elected on the same schedule and for the same terms of office as officers and directors of the Society are elected.  The officers of the Section shall be a President, a Section Vice-President, a Section Secretary, a Section Treasurer and such other officers as may, from time to time, be deemed appropriate by the Section Board.  The Section Board shall be composed of the President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer of the Section, a member of the Executive Committee of the Society designated by such Executive Committee to serve as its representative on the Section Board and seven directors-at-large elected from the Section membership.  With respect to its officers and directors  the Section shall, insofar as reasonably possible, function in accordance with the provisions of Sections 6.4 through 6.16 and Sections 7.2 through 7.9 of these Bylaws.  The person serving as Section President shall, during his/her term as such, serve on the Board of Directors of the Society.  The Section President shall report to the Board of Directors of the Society and shall provide the Society President and Board of Directors with such updates regarding Section affairs as may be requested from time to time.

Section 9.7 Committees of the Section.

Section 9.7.1. Standing Committees of the Section. The following committees are designated as Standing Committees of the Section and which report to the Directors Committee:

(a)        Section Executive Committee. The Section Executive Committee shall consist of the Section President, the Section Vice-President, the Section Secretary, the Section Treasurer and the Society Executive Committee representative on the Section Board.  The Executive Committee shall act upon emergency and other measures when time does not permit a meeting of the Section Board.  The Section Executive Committee shall also be responsible for overseeing other standing committees and reporting to the Section President and the Section Board.

(b)        Section Education Committee. The Education Committee shall be responsible for the planning of the curriculum and program at the biannual meeting of the Society and other conferences or symposia planned by the Section and approved by the Society Board of Directors.  The Society shall be responsible for obtaining Continuing Medical Education (CME) accreditation for programs and educational offerings from the Section.   The Education Committee shall consist of the Section President and four other members; the Section President need not be chair of the committee.

(c)        Section Nominating Committee.  Not later than 180 days before the date of each annual business meeting of the members of the Society at which any directors-at-larger or officers of the Section are to be elected, the Section Board shall appoint a five member nominating committee which shall be responsible to identify a slate of recommended candidates for election as officers and directors of the Section.

(d)       Section Database Committee.  A five member committee will be appointed by the Section Board to oversee the formation and maintenance of the Section database.

Unless otherwise specified, there shall be no limit upon the number of terms which a person may serve upon any standing committee of the Section Board.

Section 9.7.2.  Ad Hoc Committees.  The Section Board, by resolution adopted by a majority of its members, may designate and appoint one or more additional committees to carry out such duties or activities, as it may deem necessary.  Committee actions will be reported to the Section Board and shall be subject to the approval of the Section Board before implementation.  A chair of each committee will be designated by the Section President, and at least one member of each committee shall be a member of the Section Board.  The term of any such committee or chair shall not extend beyond the term of the Section President.

Section 9.7.3.  Miscellaneous Provisions Regarding Section Committees.  Elections, notices of meeting, quorum requirements, filling of vacancies and other matters, actions and limitations of committees of the Section, not specifically defined in this Section 9.7 shall be conducted as provided in Article VIII, as if such committees were a committee appointed directly by the Board of Directors of the Society.

Section 9.8   Meetings of Members.  Meetings of the membership of the Section shall be held in conjunction with each meeting of the membership of the Society and at such other times and places as determined by the Section Board.

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